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NSW - History

New South Wales, Australia is the 5th largest region in Australia, with a land mass of 800 628 sq kms and is the most populated region for both people and beaches.  This state of Australia also surrounds Canberra, the Capital of Australia.

Its temperatures range from sub-tropical in the north which will give warm sunny winter (June, July August) days, to temperate in the south.

It was founded in 1788, with the arrival of the 1st Fleet, led by Captain Arthur Phillip at Botany Bay, known as the colony of New South Wales and at that time included nearly all the eastern coast of Australia as well as Norfolk Island, Lord Howe Island and New Zealand.

Over time these additional areas were separately re-colonised with defined regions and names - the British colonies of Tasmania in 1825, South Australia in 1836, New Zealand in 1849, Victoria in 1851 and Queensland in 1859.

Lord Howe Island remains today to be part of New South Wales, whilst Norfolk Island is its own entity as an independent British Colony – it has never been incorporated into the Commonwealth of Australia, however it is supervised by the Australian Government.

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Sydney is the Capital of New South Wales and began its existence as a penal colony and evidence of this can still be found in the heart of Sydney known as The Rocks as well as the well-known Sydney suburb of Parramatta.


NSW - Beaches

New South Wales Beaches comprises of a coastline which is approximately 2000kms in length and borders the Pacific Ocean as well as being home to over 600 beaches, with this coast being the most populated region of Australia, which doesn't mean you can't find a quiet spot, as natural and unspoilt beauty is still plentiful.

These beaches are also located inland as well as sharing some beaches with the Victorian Border.

The Beaches have been broken down into specific regions for ease of access as below:

  • Far North Coast
  • Upper North Coast
  • Mid North Coast
  • Lower North Coast
  • Hunter Region
  • Central Coast
  • Eastern NSW – Lord Howe Island
  • Sydney Metropolitian
  • South Coast
  • Central South Coast
  • Mid South Coast
  • Lower South Coast
  • Far South Coast
  • Western NSW
  • Far Western NSW  

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