Aussie Beaches - everyone should visit at least one in their lifetime!

Dangerous Sea Life

Dangerous Sea Life´╗┐ does exist and it pays to be aware, not to deter anyone from the Australian Beach, but to encourage respect for the life beneath the waves - to remember it is us, as the humans that are invading their space not the other way around - this is their home and we are the intruders - something we must remember - whether we are swimming, surfing, boating, fishing or enjoying the beach walk - you are potentially at risk from one type or another of Sea Life - some more  dangerous than others, with some even being fatal.

Therefore, whilst the Australian Beach is a breathtaking site and experience, it is also an independent life form all of its own - from the seafood that we love to catch and eat to the monsters of the sea.erous than others, with some even being fatal.

The ocean is home to both Dangerous & Non-Dangerous Sea Life and being prepared is your best defense, particularly as the Australian Beach is the home of  some of the World's most deadly marine animals - which includes but is not limited to:-

The above is just a brief outline of the Dangerous Sea Life to be found at the Australian Beach - there are treatments for most of them, with the best advice is to always be aware when at the beach and to remember, this is their home and to them you are the intruder so be respectful and stay safe and enjoy our Great Aussie Beaches.

If you are a newbie to Australia, then the beach should be a must-do on your list, please as a first visit, select from a patrolled beach as at one of these - the beach has already been inspected and its safest zone marked for you to swim in, and also you will find the Aussie Life Saver more than willing to help with your questions regarding that beach.

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