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Macquarie Island

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Macquarie Island is managed by the Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife Service and it is a Tasmania State Reserve and home to Macquarie Island Marine Park.

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This island is located 1,500 kms south south east of Tasmania and is the halfway point to Antarctica. It is a subantarctic island which is approximately 34kms in length 5.5kms at its widest point.

In 1997 in reference to its geoconservation contribution this island this island was inscribed to the World Heritage List and in 2007 it was included in the National Heritage List.

The Island is home to a multitude of animal life, with it being a breeding habitat for both penguins and elephant seals.

This island is the only one of its kind worldwide as it is made completely from oceanic crust and rocks from the mantle which is deep below the earth’s surface as it started as a spreading ridge under the sea more than 11 million years ago. The creation of this subantarctic island is wave actioned based whereby most other subantarctic islands have been created by glaciers.

There are no permanent residences, however the Australian Antarctic Division does have its station manned year round and access is arranged via helicopter, amphibious vehicles or inflatable rubber rafts with the trip to the island taking approximately 3 days from Hobart, Tasmania in good weather.

Weather conditions vary greatly from 13°c in January, (Summer) to -9°c in July, (Winter), with frequent rain or snow year round. Summer days are long with only 4 hours of darkness daily and the wind is constant with variables from 25kms per hour up to 170kms per hour as a result of low pressure systems in the region.

Macquarie Island

It has the following beaches:-

  • Landing Beach -1,542kms south south east of Hobart.
  • Middle Beach -1,544kms south south east of Hobart.
  • Secluded Beach - 1,542kms south east of Hobart.
  • West Beach - 1,542kms south south east of Hobart.

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