Aussie Beaches - everyone should visit at least one in their lifetime!


Australia – the world’s largest Island, with a coast line of 34,218 kilometers is home to over 2000 beaches, from North to South and East to West – there’s something for everyone – even to the Nation’s Capital man-made “waterway” - Lake Burley Griffin - which has been included on behalf of the Australian Capital Territory as it is an in-land man-made region and the Aussie Beaches that are allocated to it are all in excess of 100kms away.

In the north at the top of Queensland there is Torres Strait Islands, whilst to the south of Tasmania, there is Macquarie Island and to the east of New South Wales there is Lord Howe Island and to the far west of Western Australia you will find Christmas Island.

Just as a heads up there are some strange named beaches as well - Eggs & Bacon Beach in Tasmania, Cat & Kitten Beach in New South Wales, Repulse Beach in Queensland, Smirnoff Beach in Western Australia, Cemetery Beach in South Australia and Dead River Beach in Victoria.

Making sure not to miss out the beaches in Northern Territory, they follow rules to themselves, with most beaches being unsuitable for swimming, but making up for it in the extreme high of Marlin Fishing.

Whether you're a visitor to this great land or a local there's sure to be something of interest in planning your next day out - from finding an Aussie Beach to walk the family dog, to throwing in a line, or reading a book, taking a dip, riding the surf, watching the sun set or rise on the horizon - the list is endless and your choice.

Enjoy your visit and if you have a special memory of an Aussie Beach - let us know - we're happy to share anyone's story - good or bad - use the Contact Page to let us know.

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