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Lady Martins Beach - 5kms east of Sydney and within 1km is Duff Reserve.

Lady Martins Beach sits between two headlands – Point Piper and Woollahra Point which is part of Felix Bay. It is a long narrow beach which faces north towards the Heads, and with its restrictive access offers privacy for those, who love the beach but not the crowds. Best way to visit this beach is via boat or public transport.

Lady Martin’s Beach is located in the Sydney Suburb of Point Piper and has been known as Woollahra Beach and Milky Beach. Access is via a narrow lane at Wolseley Road, Point Piper which is along side the Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club. It was named in 1899 after the wife of Sir James Martin – who was Premier of New South Wales in the 1860’s & 1870’s in addition to being the Chief Justice from 1873 to 1886.

The Club House of the Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club sits above Lady Martin’s Beach of which this Club purchased the Beach in 1923 – but against Club efforts the beach has remained open to the general public.

Currently Lady Martin’s Beach is privately owned by the foreshore properties up to and including the high water mark and the area below is classified as “Local Open Space”.

Will need to bring your own supplies as no facilities at this location; however Double Bay and Rose Bay are both close by offering accommodation, food and public amenities.

Things to do:-

  • Fishing
  • Swimming

Things to be aware of:-

  • Sharks

Things offered:-

  • Small timber Jetty

External Resources: Beach Safe



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