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View Larger Map Kutti Beach - 8kms east north east of Sydney and within 1km is Robertson Park.

Kutti Beach is located within the Sydney Suburb of Vaucluse and is a great spot for relaxing, swimming, and sailing, not to mention that “fido” is more than welcome to come for a dip.

Access is best by Public Transport – Bus or Ferry, as parking is limited to residential street parking

Nestled in between Parsley Bay and Watsons Bay you can find this beach via the end of Wharf Rd in front of the Vaucluse Amateur Sailing Club – follow the extremely narrow staircase, past the mansions and there it is - in all its glory with Palm Trees, Sailboats and golden sands – perfect answer to tranquility and peace.

Its name has been derived from the Aboriginal Word “Kooti” which is the local Aboriginal name for Watsons Bay.Six properties have frontage to the beach and the area above the mean high water mark is privately owned and below is owned by the Woollahra Municipal Council.

The Woollahra Municipal Council has re-zoned this Beach as “Regional Open Space” which will mean that should any private owner wish to sell the State Government will purchase.

From a popular fishing spot in the 1800’s it now supports the Vaucluse Amateur Sailing Club.

You will need to take provisions for your visit as this beach has on offer its natural setting with gardens to the sand and visible rocks at low tide, harbour views and sailboats, and no other amenities.

Things to do:-

  • Fishing
  • Swimming

Things to be aware of:-

Things offered:-

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