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Gibsons Beach - 8kms east north east of Sydney and within 1km is Robertson Park.

A safe long shallow beach, with plenty of white sand, which can be accessed by Public Transport, boat or there is public parking available just north from the beach with pedestrian access via Salisbury Street and the southern end of Marine Parade, and within close proximity to both Watsons Bay Baths and Robertson Park.

Gibson Beach has been named after Henry Gibson who was a pilot for over 50 years and lived in this area from the late 1830’s. /span>

Ideal for the family picnic or just the place to read the daily paper, your favourite mag or the latest bestseller – the choice is yours, bring “fido” for his daily walk – but stick to the footpath and keep the lead on – as no dogs allowed on the beach or the reserve.

There is a Pilot Station on site which was built in 1959 to provide shore access for pilot boats, which up to this time had to remain moored and anchored in the Bay. Prior to 1862 a service was provided by a single pilot who would board the incoming vessel to ensure safety. With increased shipping demands the service grew to where pilots started using whale boats and crews expanded to over 40 men – mainly South Sea Islanders and Portuguese. A government run operation took over from 1862 with the Pilot Station being located on the old Vaucluse Police Station, which returned to privatisation in 1867 with the Government again intervening in 1871 with the Pilot Station being given the use of a PWD Steamer. In 1992 this service was again contracted to the private sector.

Gibsons Beach Reserve also offers Dinghy Storage and for more information please refer to Woollahara Municipal Council -Will need to bring your own supplies as no facilities at this location; however Watson Bay is close by offering accommodation, food and public amenities.

Things to do:-

  • Fishing
  • Rowing
  • Swimming

Things to be aware of:-

  • Sharks

Things offered:-

  • Parking
  • Shark-proof pool
  • Shower

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